Mission :

Our mission is to sustain the craving for building the green condition and modernize the way of life. With devoted experts and aptitudes we have had, we complete the development with high quality of work. We offer significance to security of living.

Vision :

Our administration is to guarantee that each penny spent is worth and significant in making client's lifetime dream working out. Delivering the perfect pack of comfort and style is our most extreme need. We center around arranging and exact designing to take care of better upgraded way of life.

About Us

MKB Homes - Flat Promoters started in 1995, set up its structure firm with the saying "Building for the Nation". Er. Shajahan, founder of the MKB builders, experienced over 30 years in the territory of high rise building in India and foreign countries. Over the past 13 years, he has built 350 unit Flats and individual estates in India. MKB Homes became important presence among developers and advertisers after the fruitful finishing of numerous renowned activities in and around the Trichy with high reputation.

Er. Shajahan began his excursion with solid assurance to accomplish incredible statures in building field which made fruitful stories as well as it remained as imprint for future. Meanwhile, he filled in as Engineer in Malaysia developing high rises of 23 stories containing 2000 units of residential flats. Working in Five star inn tasks and resorts broadens his experience. MKB Homes continuously augmented by developing elevated structure in far off nations with the record of value and greatness. Running from singular manors and condos to elevated structures we follow genuineness, high respectability and straightforwardness which forced confidence towards us.

Our remarkable professionalism personifies the moral code and executes the creative answers for customer's necessities. With the utilization of most recent innovation and new materials we arrive at the worldwide norms where you will locate your living spot every single day to welcome it. We are celebrated for quality and building greatness with ventilation and natural light.

Apartments are underlying plinth region and awards benefits for cash you have contributed. Magnificence of the structure lies in its never-ending plan and viewpoint. Our elevated structure is dynamic with magnificence and marvelous living. Our activities are turning out to be lofty milestones in the city.

In childhood, we used to draw home with our little hands and eventually we dream at building our home which turns into a significant objective in our life. MKB Homes transform dream into reality.Our client is our most prominent resource. We esteem our client's creative mind and shape them to achieve their fantasy. We make more cheerful families with their fantasy houses. The valuable thing we earned is the client's trust and responsibility to quality.

Vaasthu :

Vaasthu Shastra is an antiquated structure science. It advances the age of positive vitality around the human beings.Our structural plans and structures are in way that consent to vaasthu necessities.


MKB Homes satisfies the guarantees with regards to natural cognizant individuals. A house is more than worked with blocks and concrete, it's the spot for happiness and feelings. Solid qualities are the structure squares of development and we fabricate elevated structures, condos with trust and dependability. We build apartments with exceptionally chose imported materials. Every single aspect of the structure is worked with extraordinary consideration. As we are worried about consumer loyalty we ensure that everything falls in perfect spot on correct time.

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